Monday, April 11, 2011

Thư trong ngày

"Hi Huong,

How was your weekend?

I had a pretty pleasant weekend. Went to visit a friend who recently had a
baby, had some dessert, chatted. I also got a book from the library that looks
somewhat interesting. It's called "The New Capitalist Manifesto". Just started
it, but looks like it might have some answers to what my friends call my
"chicken question". Briefly, I feel that 100 years ago, having meat at the
table was considered special and people would do it once a week or so. Then
capitalism drove the price of meat down so that we can have meat nearly every
day. But at the same time, it probably doesn't taste like the chicken from 100
years ago and is probably more harmful to you. So we think we are more
prosperous because we can afford to do something only rich people could do, but
are we really? What happened? Can this be reversed? I feel this is seen in
various aspects: home-ownership became a goal, but then financial markets found a
way to allow that without actually saving for it, so people started owning homes
without actually achieving what it originally meant, and now we have crises.

Anyway, that's my latest. What's exciting you currently?


"Dear AJ,

What's exciting me currently? Getting rid of some nasty people from the face of the earth so that nice people can actually live instead of suffering in ways they don't deserve.


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