Friday, April 01, 2011

You like? (2)

"So what happened during and after the coffee?"

As I said, he asked if I would have coffee with him and I said sure. Then he said, “How about this Friday after work? Will that work for you?” and I said it would work for me. Then he said, “Would you want me to meet you in San Jose or you would like to check out Palo Alto? Have you been to Palo Alto?” and I said, “If you don't mind, maybe we can meet in San Jose this time?” and he said, “Sure I will meet you in San Jose. Is there a place you would like to meet?” and I said “I know this good European bakery café, they have good coffee and cake” and he said, " Give me the address and I will meet you there or I can pick you up at, shall we say, 6pm?" and I said “6pm is good. I will see you there” and I gave him the address of the café.

- còn nữa -

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